New dates to come

New dates to come
For now, workshop dates remain postponed until we have further news on international travel and Covid restrictions. New dates will be announced as soon as possible!
For anyone visiting Facebook please note that in order to keep the Facebook events page active we have changed the dates... these are fake (dummy) dates! Facebook doesn’t currently allow for the option of ‘dates to come’ or no dates at all. So we have put up random dates in order to continue posting and keep the page active. Please ignore these dates, they are not real, and we do understand this could be super confusing!!
Thanks again for your ongoing patience as we wait on new dates for Sharathji’s 6 day Sydney led primary workshop.

Please click here to read useful information before booking into the workshop.
Please click here info on visiting Sydney, where to stay and transport to Carriageworks.

Venue: Carriageworks - 245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh.
Dates: to be announced
Tuesday - Sunday 6.30-8am.
Conference will be held Saturday of the six day week.
Price: 6 day workshop - AUD$600
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