Mysore Style
Mysore style classes are the method in which Ashtanga Yoga is traditionally learned.
Students receive one on one instruction within a group class of varying levels of experience, from beginners to advanced.
Poses are taught incrementally, each person practising at their own pace with hands-on and technical guidance from the teacher.

Interested to start?
We offer Intro to Mysore courses for anyone new to ashtanga yoga or Mysore style. Our Intro courses are twice a week (or more) over 5 weeks. We’d love to have you join!
Contact for more info.

All classes and courses require a booking.

Intro to mysore course$150 - 5 week course.
Monthly$200 - unlimited classes over 1 month
10 week$190 - 10 classes / 10 week expiry
5 week$170 - 10 classes / 5 week expiry
Cash or bank transfer only, no eftpos facilities available. For bank transfer details please email Nikki.